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Marijampole students’ creativity centre is responsible for implementing non-formal education programmes which secure attitudes in favour of education and create conditions for long-life learning in changing democratic society. Activities are divided in two main areas non-formal education for school students and open youth centre.

Activities of Marijampoles students’ creativity centre are:

– Implementation of non-formal education programmes which secure attitudes in favour of education and create conditions for long-life learning;

– Coordination of cooperation of local non governmental youth organizations;

–  Interinstitutional cooperation development insurance while dealing with NEETs; 

– Collaborating and cooperating with local educational, culture, health  and sport  institutions, initiating and participating in common projects, organizing events

The main goal of the Open Youth Centre (MMKC’s department) is to provide social and safe employment services to young people (14-29) regardless of their social status. Marijampolė Open Youth Centre operates as an open space, where young people can spend their free time in a safe environment (without violence, bullying, intoxication, etc.), engage in their favourite activities (various board, outdoor and other games, creative workshops, music, etc.), implement their ideas, discuss topics of interest to them and receive emotional support and guidance as needed. Marijampole open youth center also has a prevention function to avoid violence, alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction among youth. Youth center is opened to all young people, with or without social, economic, physical or behavior problems. Part of the youth center is focused on work with youth from social risk group.


ERAMUS+ sport – Small partnership https://www.facebook.com/Ornat2000

“OrientNature2000: Naturally Inclusive Oriented”Boosting Orienteering  sport as key for increasing awareness of European natural heritage (Natura2000) and promote social inclusion” 

Overall objectives:the OrientNature project aim at:

promoting equal opportunities in sport and increase participation in sport,

promoting knowledge and respect for the value of biodiversity through sport.

Specific objectives: The OrientNature will:

  • promoting equal opportunities in sport and increase participation in sport: by boosting the TrailO (with all 3 formats: PreO, Relay and TempO). To reach this goal the 3 involved teams from 3 different areas of Europe will be engaged in producing almost one dedicated map for each format of TrailO and each map will be tested during the 1ST OrientNature international race.
  • promoting intergenerational exchange involving both young and elderly people in mapping and tracing activities and organizing a mixe relay  Trail-O format in each country.
  • promoting the wellbeing (by a psychological and physical point of view) of such a sensitive group of people (disadvantage people and elderly) through nature and sport. 
  • promoting knowledge and respect for the value of biodiversity through sport: by developing the race and maps close/in (if and where is possible) Natura2000 sites or local parks, specifically, the PreO race will contain specific questions about biodiversity and local natural heritage values.
  • developing a specific toolkit for orienteering small teams to promote a more responsible approach to nature and biodiversity 
  • sharing ideas and support each other in developing specific skills to support different typology of disadvantage groups in approaching sport Orienteering 

Core Activities:The above – listed objectives will be reached thanks to the below list of activities

  • 3 Mapping courses (1 for each involved partner) to boost and share technical knowledge with a specific focus on how to map areas for people with different disabilities (each team will choose which specific disabilities will be the main one to produce a dedicated map and path trace).
  • 3 courses (1 for each involved partner) about Natura2000, local biodiversity and ecosystems characteristics, to share knowledge and best practices about how to manage the outdoor sport in Natura2000 and Parks areas. Additionally, courses will be relevant to better design the maps for the race and to develop the most appropriate set of questions for the PreO races.
  • Maps development and specific race routes fully dedicated to the natural heritage knowledge and specifically tailored for 
  • 3 races + 3 short exchanges in each country (one in Italy, One in…. and one in….): will be developed the first OrientNature TrailO International Race.


 „ We’ll be for youth well-being “ (2021-2-LT02-KA210-YOU-000049478)

Objectives: By implementing the project we increase capacity of youth workers/educators/ parents to interact and feel more confident using methodology, educational videos combined with interpersonal principles for youth inclusion and increased quality of open work with youth with mental health disorders. Gap that youth workers still have after ten years open work with youth is the key element for the application, we will create open work competence and interpersonal skills improvement


Activities: Open work competence and interpersonal skills improvement methodology for youth workers will be created. Implemented practical trainings for youth workers, youth ‘Share happiness”, „Youth mental fitness”. Prepared methodology – a handbook „We’ll be for youth well-being” and series of videos „Youth well-being” will create long term products, which could be used not only by youth workers/ educators/ parents/ young people themselves.Results: A methodology/handbook with practical description, a series of educational videos, workshop and open discussion correspond needs of target group to develop open work competencies and interpersonal skills youth and youth workers need to guarantee youth well-being. All activities focused how practically help to implement open work methodology with youth. It is expected that youth workers/educators (200) will gain new open work competencies and improve their interpersonal skills needed.

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